{ Photographer }


creative ~ passionate ~ artistic ~ caring ~ imaginative ~ inspired

These are some of the words the people who know me used to describe me. I think they were being generous!


I am an on-location, natural light photographer in central Texas who specializes in children. I love the fresh, open-eyed wonder that children bring to the world! From newborn to high school senior, they capture my heart while I capture their personality=)

My photography style seems to change with my moods, I hate to limit myself to just one style!

I love color – but that’s not to say I don’t love a great Black & White portrait.

I love trendy- and classic, vintage- and modern, urban- and country.

Life’s too short to choose just one!

But if I had to put a label on my photography, I would choose


I want my photos to speak to you, to evoke emotion, to tell a story.


Creative arts are my passion, my life has been filled with photography, dancing, theater, performing, choreographing, graphic design and so much more. As a children’s dance teacher by profession for most of my life, my creativity was cultivated through music and performance. Teaching dance and photography actually have a lot in common- being around kids at their very cutest, using all my tricks to get them to do what I want, looking out for the details that make everything special, always chasing the good light and making sure they’re in the sweet spot=)

I want you to know that when I take photos of your family you are now in my circle of friends. I want you to be comfortable, I want you to be yourselves. Let me do the rest =)

~ Personal Life ~

I am a wife to my Prince Charming (or toad, depending on the day) Justin, who is always on a new adventure and he definitely hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up! For now it’s a Police Officer, or is it a Pilot now? We’ll say it’s both for the time being. He is my support system, my prop and set builder, and my rock.

And I don’t thank him enough for it, but he knows.


I am a mom to our two sons, whom we conveniently spaced 13 years apart... our oldest will start college and our youngest will start Kindergarten at the same time. No joke. 


~10 Random facts about me~

* My name is Deahni- pronounced dee-on-knee, you probably won’t get it right, and that’s ok!

* I was home schooled and went to college at age 15

* I am the oldest of 5 children

* Creativity runs in the family, we have singers, actors, designers, artists, teachers, woodworkers, and even a taxidermist.

* I was on a kids television game show when I was 12

* My son is an actor and he’s worked with some amazing “famous” people

* We’ve walked the Red Carpet in Hollywood

* My husband and I have been together for over 20 years

* I love to cook but I’m not allowed to bake because I always burn everything- using a timer stifles my creativity!

* My dream is to live on a ranch with horses and chickens and room to roam (and create!)