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Acting and Modeling Headshot Special!! $299 (limited time offer)

If you've always wanted to get your child started in the exciting world of acting or modeling, but had no idea where to start - you've come to the right place!!

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, and with all the conflicting information out there - it's impossible to know who to believe! I will provide you with all the important details to start off the right way, with reputable local contacts and resources. What is to be expected from you (the parent) and the talent (your child), which scams to watch out for, what is necessary/unnecessary, and all the steps to take in the correct order to improve your chances of success.

Package includes:
* 1 hour photo session, up to 3 "looks" (outfit and hair changes)
* 10 re-touched images, with "headshot" setup- name and framing
* 20- 8x10 prints of your favorite image, for you to submit to agencies
* Full PDF package of "How to get started" instructions, tips and resources. Including a customizable letterhead to send to agents along with your headshot.

Information included is reliable advice from experienced local talent, agencies, managers and casting directors. With plenty of advice from me- a mom of a successful child actor =)